“If it wasn’t for Quick Stars, I wouldn’t be getting a 4.0 GPA. The tutoring really makes a big impact on my studying habits and my work. I struggle understanding Algebra 2 in class, but when I go to Quick Stars, everything just makes sense.”

Presley (Grade 10) 4.0 Student

“Ever since the first couple of sessions, Leah showed so much confidence in math, handwriting and reading… So much confidence in fact, that after her kindergarten placement test, the evaluator informed me that she scored ‘Advanced’! Thank you, Quick Stars!” —Diana, Parent

Leah (Pre-K) Scored “Advanced” on kindergarten placement test
“With help from Quick Stars Tutoring, Kailey raised her pre-calculus grade to a solid A. In addition, with SAT prep tutoring, she was able to raise her scores enough to move up to a higher bracket for college merit scholarships. Kailey says that her tutor makes understanding math very easy. She is glad to go to tutoring, and we are very pleased with Quick Stars.” —Gayle and Brian, Parents
Kailey (Grade 12) Raised SAT scores to move up a bracket for college merit scholarships

“Justin went to Quick Stars for help on the SSAT. With only two months to the test date, Quick Stars was able to help him raise his scores and get into Punahou! Ms. Tracy did such a good job of determining exactly where he needed help the most and got right to work with him. We are more than happy with the results!” —Gayle and Brian, Parents

Justin (Grade 8) Raised SSAT scores and accepted by Punahou School
“I never would have gotten into Kamehameha if it wasn’t for Quick Stars Tutoring. Before Quick Stars I needed desperate help in my reading and writing skills, but after tutoring, I scored a 97 out of 100 on my reading entry exam and placed in the 5th percentile. Quick Stars also helped me in my math skills, and now I’m on my school’s math team. THANK YOU QUICK STARS!!!” —Nalani, Student
Nalani (Grade 8) Accepted by Kamehameha Schools
“He loves to go to Quick Stars and gets disappointed if he can’t go… Noah’s daily math work and summative tests are being completed with better fluency, increased number sense, and greater accuracy. He feels much more confident in his abilities to do homework! Now, he is more independent when he completes his math homework.” —Erin, Parent
Noah (Grade 3) Increased confidence and raised math scores
“My son loves to come here. He enjoys his time learning. Thank you for helping my child become a better learner! He loves Ms. Tracy and the other tutors!” —Lokelani, Parent
Joby (Grade 1) Reading improved by one grade level
“I like the style of teaching. The tutors tailor the lessons to the student. My son enjoys the lessons and his confidence has improved. Thank you, Quick Stars!” —John, Parent
Kai (Grade 6) Raised SSAT scores and accepted by ‘Iolani School
Quick Stars Tutoring’s method of teaching works! Mariah is much more confident and proud of herself. She can read so much better than she could three months ago. When she started Quick Stars, she was a 5th grader reading at a 2nd grade level. Because her reading wasn’t at grade level, it made her feel inferior to her classmates. Now, she loves to tell everyone what book she is reading and how she loves to read. I can’t tell you how much her attitude towards school and learning has changed. She knows she can do it, and with help from her tutors at Quick Stars, she is so happy!” —Alicia, Parent
Mariah (5th Grade) Raised reading by two grade levels

“I was offered a 5-year full ride scholarship for volleyball at University of Nevada and thought I was set. I then found out that I didn’t meet the minimum GPA and SAT scores. Luckily, I found Quick Stars. SAT prep boosted my scores and raised my grades so that I qualified. The skills I learned helped me in college and led to my winning an academic award and making all WAC first team. Thank you, Quick Stars!” —Kylie, University of Nevada Graduate

Kylie (University of Nevada) SAT Prep boosted scores & grades to qualify
Quick Stars really made a huge difference as my SAT scores went from 460 Critical Reading, 610 Math, 460 Writing to 570 Critical Reading, 720 Math, 580 Writing. What separates Quick Stars from other tutoring organizations is the genuine care–wanting your child to succeed not just for a test but for the bigger picture.” —Daena, Student
Daena (12th Grade) Raised SAT scores by 340 points, Accepted with scholarships to prestigious universities
“My son Isaiah is in first grade and at the start of this program he was at level 3.  After 11 sessions of 1/2 hour, he is now at level 8.  He enjoys reading now.  His confidence has turned around 100%.” —Leilani, Parent
Isaiah (1st Grade) Raised reading level from level 3 to level 8

Quick Stars prepared Maika for the rigorous private school entrance exams. His pre-school teacher stated that he was the only student she had in 31 years that aced the Early Childhood Education Assessment. We always recommend Quick Stars to everyone we know!” —Mat, Parent

Maika (Kindergarten) Accepted into Punahou and Kamehameha
“Sarah’s grades have jumped! Her reading has improved to a grade level above hers.” —Florence, Parent
Sarah (3rd Grade) Raised reading scores from below average to above average
“My grandson, Kahinu, attended summer sessions with Quick Stars and the personalized tutoring helped him to progress in his areas of weakness: comprehension and fluency. He was reading below grade level (1st grade) and now is in the upper third grade level. He continues to progress in reading and is enjoying much success in school.” —Audrey, Grandparent
Kahinu (2nd Grade) From below average to above average
“The most exhilarating moment was when Aiyana read the title of a book. I asked her how she know the sounds, and she replied, “Those are the letter sounds (the tutor) teaches me!” —Christina, Educator and Parent
Aiyana (Pre-K) Reading at age 4
Quick Stars has made a significant and lasting difference in the life of a teenager. This young man now earns As and Bs, instead of Fs. He has discovered he can learn, and that’s a discovery that will influence the way he thinks of himself for the rest of his life. (The tutor) remained personable, positive, upbeat, and flexible while designing an individualized program and environment to optimize my student’s learning. I will definitely engage Quick Stars services again and have recommended it to my colleagues.”
—Katie, MSW, Clinical Social Worker
Anthony (10th Grade) Raised Geometry grades from Fs to As
“I can see a huge difference in the quality of Anni’s work in school. Her frustration level has gone way down. In four months, she went up 1 year in her reading and writing skills. Quick Stars gets results!” —Pam, Parent
Annika (5th Grade) Raised grades from Ns and Us to MPs and MEs
“I really like the one-on-one concept. I believe it gives the child focus…Quick Stars has taught my child to read not by memory but by recognition of the letters.” —Michelle, Parent
Noah (Pre-K) Accepted by Punahou School

“Before tutoring, Jacob could only read a few words. Now he can read books independently. I’m amazed at how much he has improved. Jacob enjoys going to Quick Stars. Before he enrolled, his test score was a 2-3 out of 10 on his private school admissions test. After one month of tutoring, his test scores jumped dramatically to an 8-9. As a result, Jacob has been accepted into the school of our choice. We highly recommend Quick Stars Tutoring.” – Dawn, Parent

Jacob (Kindergarten) Raised entrance exam score from “2” to a “9”
Quick Stars Tutoring has helped my child tremendously and has calmed my concerns about her progress. I feel very fortunate to have found Quick Stars.” —Leane, Parent
Lehua (5th Grade) Reading and Math scores improved by two grade levels
Quick Stars is awesome! After one block (ten sessions) I’ve seen incredible changes in my child. She gets excited . . . and can’t wait until her next session.” —Valerie, Parent
Kayla (3rd Grade) Honor Roll Student
“I really like the one on one tutoring–it helped my daughter! I am glad because I couldn’t help her. The tutors are really nice and patient!  Great learning environment. Thank you!” —Sheryll, Parent
Shyanne (1st Grade) Improved reading comprehension scores after first few sessions
“I like the one-on-one tutoring; individualized teaching helps students to grasp concepts without pressure or distraction. Quick Stars has enabled my child to have the confidence she needs to learn and be successful.” —Debbie, Parent
Enabled my child to have the confidence she needs to learn
“I got accepted into graduate school, and knew I needed support with my writing. Working with Quick Stars gave me guidance that allowed me to explore my writing style. The tutor was patient and encouraging which motivated me to do my best. I got A’s on every paper and graduated with my master’s degree with Honors. I am now receiving tutoring services in preparation for my licensure. Quick Stars stands by its mission. The service continues to be valuable and a great fit for me!” —Therese M., MSW
Therese M. (Master's Degree Program) Graduated with Honors
Quick Stars Tutoring has brought my child up to grade level in such a short time… and now he tutors other children in his class! I’m happy with the results!” —Malia, Parent
Up to 'Grade Level' in a short time
Quick Stars motivates and improves the self-esteem of the children. The students become enthusiastic about school!” —Isabella, Parent
Students become enthusiastic about school!
“Writing is becoming more crucial in education. Quick Stars Tutoring did what I couldn’t; they helped my son gain confidence in his writing skills. Thank you!” —Chi Yon, Parent
Helped my son gain confidence in his writing skills

“We’ve seen a big improvement. Math homework that used to take our daughter an hour or more now only takes her about 10 or 15 minutes. She gets the answers right the first time. Homework time is a lot less frustrating for everyone. A lot more smiles and high fives these days.” —Stacey, Parent


A lot more smiles and high fives these days
“Affordable, convenient… My child improved two letter grades! She has become more confident in her work.” —Diane, Parent
My child improved two letter grades!
“What’s not to like? Nothing can beat Quick Stars Tutoring… from one-on-one teaching to affordable prices.” —Cheryl, Parent
Nothing can beat Quick Stars


“For 10 years, Quick Stars Tutoring has been a leader in the tutoring community…”

Hawaii Parent Magazine, Aug 2014 [Read more]

“Locally owned business marks a milestone in teaching Hawaii kids…”

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